Thursday, February 21, 2013

Stupid Nettles - Can I just be a baby for a minute?

I am posting this so everyone can feel sorry for me.  I was playing outside with Alyssa the other night.  She stopped for a minute and laid on the grass. 

"Mommy, come here and look at the stars with me!"

There were no stars, in fact, it was like 4 in the afternoon.  But I wanted to pretend with her.  After all, I was out there for her.  I went and laid down, with my arms over my head, using my hands for a pillow.  Our grass has some browning to it since it is winter, but didn't expect it to feel so sharp when I laid on it.  I felt it first on my arm, and when I looked over to see the grass, I then got some on my face.  I instantly moved noticing I was laying in nettles, and it was too late, because I had patches all over the top half of my body.  It sucked.  It's feeling better today.  It still tingles sometimes, and since I got a spot on my finger tip, writing this feels really strange.  If you have never had nettles before, lucky you.  They feel like a billion splinters, and after they stop hurting, they just feel like the area is asleep.  I had trouble sleeping last night, because it was hot in our room, but I had to keep the blanket on because the wind from the fan would hurt the spots really bad.

This is what psrt of my arm looked like.

So this morning, I got on Pintrest to see if there was a "Pintristy" way to kill off nettels. (Yes, I just made up that word - I think)  So you know what the folks at pintrest want me to do with my nettels?  Keep growing them - and EAT THEM!  Say, what?!  I guess they are really healthy for you, but there is no way those things are going to keep living in my yard.

Here is a Link to tell you a great way to stop the stinging if you happen to fall victim to this hellatious plant.  I have to say that step 1 made me laugh.  "Move away from the nettles to a nearby area to prevent getting stung again."  I guess that's what common sense would tell me.  However, common sense did not tell me to look up how to soothe the sting until right now - when its almost gone. 


I have some cool stuff coming up soon.  We are going to be doing a makeover in our back yard that will consist of a firepit, and a deck made out of pallets.  Stay tuned!


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